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  Takato Matsuya

Takato Matsuya is considered the leader of the Digimon Tamers. As like the others, he is ten years old and like Tai and Davis, he also wears goggles on his head. By character, Takato is very obedient as he will always listen to those who are older than him. He seems very mature in terms of responsibility and following the rules but he is not mature when it comes to displaying his emotions. Takato does not really have any close friends. But when he meets Lee, they instantly become good friends, both sharing a lot in common. Takato is exemplified by his artistic ability. He enjoys drawing as he would always make sketches of imaginary characters in his small notepad. One of his creations was actually Gillmon, whom is his Digimon companion. Takato may be a good friend and a good boy, but in actuality, he is not a strong fighter.

Takato Matsuya

  Lee Zenrya

Lee Zenrya

Lee Zenrya is one of the Digimon Tamers. Like Ruki and Takato, he is ten years old and in fifth grade. His fellow Digimon partner is Terriermon (remember Terriermon from the Digimon movie) and in fact, Lee had raised Terriermon for a very long time. It is not surprising that Lee cares deeply for Terriermon as both have a close bond. Because of this bond, Lee believes strongly that Digimon are important friends rather than tools for fighting. Like Takato, he does not have many friends. But when he meets Takato, they become fast friends. Lee's mother is Japanese while his father is Chinese. He has an older sister and a younger sister. In some ways, Lee reminds me of Matt. Both Matt and Lee have a strong belief in friendship and loyalty. I find Lee the most "sensitive" within the Digimon Tamers. He truely understand that Digimon are real creatures with a real heart.

  Ruki Maniko

Ruki Maniko is ten years old and the human partner to Renamon. By personality and character, she is distinctively different from previous girl digidestined. Ruki, in fact, enjoys battling and has a serious attitude towards others. She actually won a victory at the Digimon Card Game tournament. She clearly display great intelligence in both card battles and real battles. The only flaw is the fact that she sees Digimon as agents for fighting rather than friends. At age 17, Ruki's mother had given birth to her. Thus, her mother is very young and seems to have men around her most of her time. Ruki absolutely resents this. This explains the "broken heart" shirt she wears. Ruki seems to be a troubled kid due to the nature of her past. This explains why she buries herself in fighting to avoid her mother. Through the course of her journey, she gains an understanding of friendship. By discovering the true meaning of friendship, she truely become a Digimon Tamer. Ruki is my favourite Tamer! ^-^

Ruki Maniko

  Other Characters


Shiuchon Zenrya is Lee's younger sister. Though I must say, they don't look a like one bit! Shiuchon is a very cheerful and a happy child. She loves to play in the playground. I find her very adorable and very sweet!

Hirokazu Shioda attends the same elementary school as Takako. He is also one of Takato's few friends. Hirokazu plays the Digimon Battle Card Game with Takato. Hirokazu seems very aggressive but I think he's kind of cool!



Juri Katou is also one of Takato's friends and classmate. It's been rumoured that she has some sort of crush on Takato because she is always acting kind of weird around him with her puppets and always running away.

Like Hirokazu and Juri, Kenta Kitagawa is one of Takato's friends at school. He also plays the Digimon battle card game with Takato and the others. Kenta is very different from Hirokazu, kind of reminds me of little Joe. ^^



In the beginning of the series, Yamaki's face is hidden. He is part of the "Hypnos," a secret government organization. His goal is to seize the Digimon with great power or energy by monitoring the underground cyberspace.

These two mysterious girls in the picture is Yamaki's assistants. They help Yamaki to carry out his plans. They are mostly found working in the control room in their secret hideout base. They look creepy to me!

Yamaki's Assistants